Closed Loop Cooling Tower : Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry involves a series of complex processes like Heating, Cooling, Condensing, Evaporation and Separation. The chemical industry is one of the most innovative and fastest-growing sectors. It cannot function without a Cooling tower, and is an integral part of the Chemical Industry, where Heat has to be dissipated to the atmosphere or Fluids have to be Condensed efficiently with minimum Energy & Water loss.

Rising Power and Water costs is driving the Chemical Industry in search of new technology which can make the business more sustainable and bring down the Production cost as well.

It is anticipated that advances in areas such as biotechnology, fuel cells, environmental technology and intelligent materials will lead the way in meeting future needs globally.

A reliable heat exchanger technology needs for the Chemical Industry, with stable performance brings in SPL in the forefront. Our robust state of the art technology provides highly efficient Closed Loop Cooling Towers / Evaporative Condensers and Hybrid Coolers.

SPL customized Solutions and Equipment brings great benefits in terms of Energy Efficiency, Stability, Safe and Water Savings, because they allow to cool Production processes with minimum waste of resources, correct management and maintenance of the components of a Cooling tower for long and sustainable period of time.