SPL Products working for Refrigeration Industry

Without Refrigeration it would not have been possible to enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables fresh round the year. Without Refrigeration we cannot imagine the advances happened in global healthcare, commercial, industrial, residential and leisure sectors surviving.

With the growing population and changing eating habits, improving the energy efficiency of commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment is essential for customers looking to reduce operating costs. This is a particular priority in the food processing industry, where profit margins are narrow.

SPL Evaporative Condenser and AIO Package Refrigeration systems deliver high performance and reliable performance to its customers saving huge amount of capital.

At SPL, we are experts in customized design, backed by years of innovation and close collaboration with our customers and research institutes. We have developed market-leading solutions for a wide range of applications, from Dairy, Seafood, Meat, and other Fruits and Vegetable processing giants.