Food & Beverage

The growth in Urban Population has seen a huge gap being created between Fresh Farm produce reaching the consumer on time and in good quality.

Also the change of eating habits of the urban population to processed food and beverages, has seen a huge boom in Food Processing Industry, to maintain high standards of reliability and Quality.

Energy and Water being the central force for the Food and Beverage Industry continuously puts pressure to discover and invent advanced technology which will not only save energy and water but will also keep the Prices to an acceptable level.

There is a Global race among the companies in the food and beverage industry and are responsible for finding sustainable solutions in their work. As a result, efforts performed to ensure quality, efficiency, and reliability must smoothly interact.

SPL offers Energy Saving products like Evaporative Condenser, Hybrid Cooler and modular cooling towers as key components for the food and beverage industry – ranging from highly standardized solutions all the way to individual implementation. Wherever heating or cooling are involved, you will find an integrated solution from us – one that will take into account not only your interests, but also those of your customers. We are your reliable partners throughout the entire value-added process chain.