The sudden growth in Urban Population and expansion of cities has seen an exponential growth in the need for Hospitals, offices, shopping centres, factories and houses. To add to this the Climate Change effect has forced HVAC as a necessity for the sustenance and healthy living for the ever growing population in cities.

Energy efficiency is now a key requirement for new HVAC installations. Governments worldwide have introduced regulations designed to encourage the take-up of HVAC systems that comply with industry standards for energy-efficient performance.

The HVAC industry is a major consumer of Energy and Water, as a result it faces a smart future and advances in intelligent technology. These include systems for monitoring a building’s energy consumption and controlling the energy output of a HVAC system.

Here is where SPL products play a major role, whether for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning or cooling, SPL has the optimal heat exchange solution. For District Cooling systems to Industrial Process Solutions, our equipment ensures Energy and Water Saving for its customers.

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Steel Open Loop Cooling Tower