What We Do?

SPL Company

SPL is specialized in development, design, sales and turnkey projects for Heat-exchange equipment. Our main products are Evaporative condenser, Air cooler, Evaporative air cooler, Closed circuit cooling tower, Refrigerating auxiliary equipment, pressure vessel, ice storage cooler system. There are more than 30 series and 500 types of products that are widely used for Air Compressor Cooling, Metallurgical Furnaces Cooling, Vacuum Furnace Cooling, Melting Furnace Cooling, HVAC Cooling, Oil and Other Process Fluid Cooling, Ground Source Heat Pump System Cooling, Data Centers, Frequency Converters, Injection Machines, Printing Lines, Drawbenches, Polycrystalline Furnaces, etc. for food, brewery, pharmacy, chemical, photovoltaic, Metal smelting industry etc.

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