Oil & Gas / Mining

SPL Equipement for Oil, Gas & Mining Industry

The most important Energy resource available today is Oil and natural gas. It has become essential for human existence and sustenance today in modern life. As well as being the main sources of energy worldwide, they provide the raw materials for thousands of everyday products – from electronic devices and clothing to medicines and household cleaners.

Water and Energy is the main driver for the oil and gas industry, without which it is not possible to extract, produce and distribute oil and gas to end customer. Hence, it is subject to increasingly stringent regulations aimed at improving its environmental footprint during extraction, production and distribution. Also many countries around the world have introduced legislation to cut emissions and air-borne pollutants, while refineries are building capacity to meet requirements for low-sulphur fuels. 

From extraction – onshore and offshore – to refining, processing, transportation and storage, SPL Products has the right heat transfer solutions throughout the hydrocarbon chain. Our products and expert know-how help customers in the oil and gas industry to save energy, increase efficiency and reduce their environmental impact.