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Closed Loop Cooling Tower : Pharmaceutical Industry

Thermal cycles are crucial in the Pharmaceutical Industry, hence we need equipment to remove unwanted heat from the process or transfer heat to another media for further use.

Heat exchange is an important part of the Pharmaceutical and fine chemicals production process. SPL make Cooling tower, Hybrid Cooler and Evaporative Condenser Equipment is designed to operate under optimum sanitary conditions and in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices. It needs to be compact and efficient, but easy to clean and maintain. SPL range of Products fulfils these requirements and more. As well as ensuring a reliable operation, our solutions aid heat recovery to make processes more economical.

Some of the pharmaceutical key processes that require an efficient cooling system:

  • Batch processing in multipurpose reactors, which requires cooling water for chemical reactions at high temperatures and crystallization of final products at low temperatures
  • Cooling ointments before pouring and packaging
  • Controlling the temperature of the molding process when forming gelatin for capsules.
  • Heating and subsequent cooling of components of creams before they're mixed together
  • Heating and cooling during sterilization of liquid pharmaceuticals
  • Water used in the wet granulation process for tablet forming