Industrial Process Cooling / Air Conditioning

Cooling requirements are widespread in both the industrial and commercial sectors. Cooling is generally split into two categories:
Industrial Process cooling
This type of cooling is applied when accurate and constant control of temperature within a process is required.

Key cooling areas include
■ Direct cooling of a product
Plastic during the moulding process
Metal products during machining
■ Cooling a specific process
Fermentation of beer and lager
Chemical reaction vessels
■ Machine cooling
Hydraulic circuit and gearbox cooling
Welding and laser cutting machinery
Treatment ovens

Chillers are commonly used to remove heat from a process due to their ability to provide cooling capacity regardless of changes to the ambient temperature, heat load and flow requirements of the application.

SPL Closed Loop Cooling tower further enhances the efficiency and operation cost of this system

Comfort cooling/climate control
This type of cooling technology regulates the temperature and humidity in a space. The technology is generally simple and used for cooling rooms, electrical cabinets or other places where temperature control does not have to be precise and constant. Air conditioning units fall into this technology group.

SPL Evaporative Condenser further enhances the efficiency and operation cost of this system
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