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Ice Thermal energy storage (TES) is a technology that stores thermal energy by cooling a storage medium so that the stored energy can be used at a later time for cooling applications. 

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■ Reduces Chiller size by 30% to 70%. Reduces Refrigerant Charge.

■ It reduces operating costs by 20% to 25% because of reduction in demand charges.

■ It uses lower cost, off peak electricity (usually at night) to produce cool energy.

■ It helps in Right-Sizing the HVAC System. As You can now meet your Safety factor and Redundancy needs with your stored ice.



SPL guarantees huge saving in terms of operation cost of the whole air condition system.
Factory assembled Modular tank houses the Coil. They can be installed in basements, on roofs, and inside or outside buildings. Reduces volume and installed power of HVAC unit, pumps, cooling towers. Good dehumidification capability

Principle of Operation: SPL’s ice Thermal storage system for cooling buildings or industrial processes, delivers huge savings on energy costs while offering valuable environmental and sustainability benefits. In essence, our product acts as an ice battery for commercial HVAC systems and domestic applications.

Our Ice storage cooling system is unique; it uses advanced technology to capture thermal energy which is stored as ice and used later to maintain temperatures within a building or industrial process. Our innovative product is easily integrated into both new build and existing HVAC systems.

Running costs can be greatly reduced, compared to alternative air conditioning systems, as the system maximises the financial benefits of low cost, off-peak energy tariffs and reduces the amount of equipment needed.

With savings on running costs and CO2 emissions of up to 70%, superior environmental benefits, and operational flexibility to suit most buildings, ice storage cooling could be the best solution for your existing building or industrial project.


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District Cooling Dairy
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