Join Hands To Fight The Epidemic


On March 4, 2020, a plane from Brazil landed safely in Shanghai, carrying 20,000 PFF2 masks donated by Lianhe Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd., to the Taizhou Red Cross. This is the fifth batch of medical supplies donated by Lianhetech since COVID-19. The outbreak of the heartless people love, generous donations show responsibility. In order to fully support the prevention and control of COVID-19 and uphold the corporate values of "taking responsibility", as early as the end of January, Lianhetech began to fully mobilize global resources, through the UK subsidiary and overseas customers to purchase masks and protective clothing scarce in China. The company's domestic and overseas colleagues, customers to coordinate procurement, transportation, with the fastest speed of the scarce masks, protective clothing back to China. On Feb. 8, 100,000 face masks purchased by Fine Organic Limited, a British subsidiary, arrived in China. On February 12, 1,930 sets of protective suits arrived in China, and on February 17, nearly 2,000 masks and more than 600 sets of protective suits arrived in China. The company's overseas customer FMC helped the company purchase 500 protective suits and 20,000 face masks from Denmark and Brazil. So far, Lianhetech has donated more than 120,000 masks, 3,000 sets of protective suits and other materials worth more than 700,000 yuan to the Taizhou Red Cross Society. Trouble in one side, support in all directions. Fear not the want of armor, for mine is also yours to wear Lianhetech Technology will continue to follow the development of the epidemic and contribute to winning the fight against the epidemic.

Post time: Mar-15-2021