Cooling method of closed cooling tower

The closed cooling tower is a kind of industrial heat dissipation equipment. Because of its strong cooling capacity, rapid heat dissipation, energy saving, environmental protection, safety and efficiency, it is favored by more and more entrepreneurs.

Cooling method of closed cooling tower

There are two operating modes of the closed cooling tower, one is air cooling mode and the other is air cooling + spray mode. These two modes can be automatically switched according to the specific needs of the working conditions.

1、Air cooling mode

By increasing the air flow velocity, the convection heat transfer effect on the surface of the heat exchange tube is enhanced, the thermal resistance is reduced, and the heat exchange capacity is improved.

Through the heat exchange between cold wind and air, not only the cooling of circulating water is achieved, but also a large amount of water and electricity resources are saved.

2、Air cooling + spray mode

The spray water passes through the spray pump in the form of mist and is sprayed onto the surface of the heat exchange coil, causing a very thin water film to wrap around the heat exchange tube.

The water film is heated and evaporated by the high-temperature medium inside the heat exchange tube. The water changes from liquid to gas, absorbing the latent heat of vaporization. It absorbs dozens of times more heat energy than the temperature rise of the medium in the same state.

At the same time, due to the strong suction force of the fan, the evaporated water vapor is quickly taken away, and the low-humidity air is replenished through the air inlet grille, and the cycle continues.

Some of the water droplets carried away by the water vapor are recovered by the water collector and the spray water that has not evaporated falls back into the bottom water collection tank, where it is extracted by the spray pump and pumped into the upper spray pipe for reuse.

3、Advantages of closed cooling systems

①Increase productivity :Softened water circulation, no scaling, no blockage, no loss, improves production efficiency.

②Protect associated equipment:Stable operation, safety and environmental protection, reducing the occurrence of failures and extending the service life of related equipment.

③Good cooling effect:Fully closed cycle, no impurities enter, no medium evaporates, and no pollution. The cooling medium has stable composition and good effect.

④Small footprint, flexible and convenient:There is no need to dig a pool, which improves the utilization factor of the factory. It occupies a small area, reduces land use, saves space, is easy to install and maintain, and is flexible to move.

⑤Automated operation:The operation is simple and convenient, the operation is smooth, and the degree of automation is high.

Save operating costs, automatically switch between multiple modes, and intelligently control.

⑥Wide cooling range:In addition to cooling water, the closed cooling system can also cool liquids such as oil, alcohol, quenching fluid, etc., with a wide cooling range.

Post time: Oct-19-2023