Evaporative Condenser

The evaporative condenser is improved from the cooling tower. Its operation principle is basically the same as that of the cooling tower. It is mainly composed of heat exchanger, water circulation system and fan system. The evaporative condenser is based on evaporative condensation and sensible heat exchange. The water distribution system on the top of the condenser continuously sprays cooling water downward to form a water film on the surface of the heat exchange tube, The sensible heat exchange occurs between the heat exchange tube and the hot fluid in the tube, and the heat is transferred to the cooling water outside the tube. At the same time, the cooling water outside the heat exchange tube is mixed with the air, and the cooling water releases the latent heat of evaporation (the main way of heat exchange) to the air for cooling, so that the condensation temperature of the fluid is closer to the wet bulb temperature of the air, and its condensation temperature can be 3-5 ℃ lower than that of the cooling tower water-cooled condenser system.

1. Good condensation effect: large latent heat of evaporation, high heat transfer efficiency of reverse flow of air and refrigerant, evaporative condenser takes the ambient wet bulb temperature as the driving force, uses the latent heat of evaporation of water film on coil to make the condensation temperature close to the ambient wet bulb temperature, and its condensation temperature can be 3-5 ℃ lower than that of cooling tower water-cooled condenser system and 8-11 ℃ lower than that of air-cooled condenser system, which greatly reduces the power consumption of compressor, The energy efficiency ratio of the system is increased by 10%-30%.

2. Water saving: the evaporation latent heat of water is used for heat exchange, and the circulating water consumption is small. Considering the blow off loss and sewage water exchange, the water consumption is no.5%-10% of the general water-cooled condenser.

3. Energy saving

The condensing temperature of evaporative condenser is limited by the air wet bulb temperature, and the wet bulb temperature is generally 8-14 ℃ lower than the dry bulb temperature. Coupled with the negative pressure environment caused by the upper side fan, the condensing temperature is low, so the power consumption ratio of compressor is low, and the power consumption of fan and water pump of condenser is low. Compared with other condensers, the evaporative condenser can save 20% – 40% energy.

4. Low initial investment and operation cost: the evaporative condenser has compact structure, does not need cooling tower, occupies a small area, and is easy to form a whole during manufacturing, which brings convenience to installation and maintenance.

Post time: Apr-28-2021