How does the closed cooling tower help enterprises reduce energy consumption?

Closed cooling tower is a kind of industrial heat dissipation equipment. It not only dissipates heat quickly, has excellent cooling effect, but also saves energy and is highly efficient. It is favored by more and more enterprises.

There are some problems in the use of the traditional open cooling system. Firstly, this leads to a large amount of water consumption due to the constant need to replenish the water volume. This approach has become unsustainable as water resources become increasingly scarce. Secondly, the continuous replenishment of fresh circulating water also increases the water treatment cost and power cost, causing an additional economic burden on the enterprise. To solve these problems, fluid coolers are a viable alternative. 

1、water saving

The closed cooling tower realizes the conservation and recycling of water resources by utilizing the uninterrupted circulation of cooling water for cooling. Compared to open cooling systems, fluid coolers do not require constant fresh water replenishment, thus reducing the need for tap water. This can not only effectively solve the problem of water shortage, but also reduce the cost of water for enterprises. 

The operating principle of the closed cooling tower is to use the circulating flow of cooling water to reduce the temperature of the system. After the cooling water is in contact with the heat source through the cooling tower and absorbs heat, it is sent back to the cooling tower through a circulating pump to cool down again and then circulated again. This circulation method effectively utilizes the cooling capacity of water and avoids a lot of waste of water resources. 

Compared with traditional open cooling systems, closed cooling towers not only save water resources, but also help reduce water discharge and treatment costs. Since water is recycled for cooling, the fluid cooler does not require frequent water discharge, reducing the negative impact on the environment. At the same time, due to the effective use of water resources, the cost of water treatment is also reduced, which reduces the operating costs of enterprises.

2、Design to reduce energy consumption 

First of all, the closed cooling tower can use energy-saving fans to reduce the energy consumption of the fans. Traditional cooling towers usually use high-power fans to drive the airflow to increase the cooling effect. However, this approach produces high energy consumption. In order to reduce energy consumption, modern closed circuit cooling towers use energy-saving fans. These energy-saving fans have high efficiency and can maintain sufficient cooling effect while reducing energy consumption. 

Secondly, the closed cooling tower uses a partition wall heat exchanger to improve heat transfer efficiency and reduce cooling water temperature. A partition heat exchanger is a device used to transfer heat from cooling water to another medium, thereby reducing the temperature of the cooling water. By using the partition heat exchanger, the closed cooling tower can effectively reduce the temperature of the cooling water and improve energy utilization. The partition wall heat exchanger adopts high-efficiency heat exchange materials, which can realize rapid and effective heat transfer, thereby improving the overall heat transfer efficiency. 

In addition, the closed cooling tower also uses an intelligent control system to accurately control the cooling water temperature and water flow to reduce energy waste. The intelligent control system can automatically adjust the cooling water temperature and water flow according to the real-time working conditions and the set parameters. Through precise control, the closed cooling tower can adjust the working state according to the actual demand, avoid excessive use of energy, and improve energy efficiency.

3、The characteristics of the closed cooling tower 

Rapid heat dissipation

The closed cooling tower adopts two circulation cooling methods with complete isolation inside and outside, which not only dissipates heat quickly, but also has excellent cooling effect. 

energy efficient

The closed cooling tower can not only achieve no evaporation and no consumption of the internal circulation medium, but also in the spray system, the spray water can be reused, and the water drift rate and water loss rate are relatively low. In addition, the use of some energy-saving accessories not only saves energy consumption, but also achieves efficient operation. 

low running cost

Since the circulating medium of the closed cooling tower is enclosed in the heat exchange coil and does not directly contact with the air, it is not easy to scale and block during the whole circulation process, and the failure rate is low. Unlike the open cooling system, it does not need to be shut down frequently for maintenance, which not only increases maintenance costs, but also affects production progress.

Post time: Jul-24-2023