New Project on Factory of 360,000 Chicken Meat Processing

SPL supplied 6 sets of Evaporative Condensers for the project on Shandong province of China.

6 sets of Evaporative Condensers

The project includes low temperature quick freezing, cold storage, air conditioning, process ice water, heat pump system, heat recovery system, etc. It is a comprehensive cold and heat system solution. At the same time, automation and the scare are also the light spot, the refrigeration compressor unit, air cooler, heat exchanger, valves, control system of the project are the main products of the world’s top brands.

 6 sets of Evaporative Condensers -01

Project Special

◆Use NH3/CO₂ Refrigeration System, ammonia as refrigerant, CO₂ as load refrigerant, safe, environmental protection, high efficiency.

◆Very low ammonia filling capacity: the ammonia filling capacity of the system is only 10 tons, which is only 1/4~1/5 of the ammonia filling capacity of the project of the same scale.

◆ There are many temperature working conditions and high requirement for comprehensive ability. There are 8 kinds of temperature working conditions for refrigeration, heating and heat recovery.

◆ Large installed capacity, refrigeration capacity of more than 7000KW.

◆ Highly combined with the cold and hot needs of poultry slaughtering and processing, the system is deeply optimized, advanced cold recovery design, three-stage heat recovery system, and comprehensive use of frequency conversion, soft start and other optimization measures.


Post time: Jun-02-2021