Why ice storage?

Why ice storage?

Ice Storage System use ice for thermal energy storage. At night, the system produces ice to store the cooling, and during the day they discharge the cooling to meet peak electricity demands.

Ice storage system consists of water chilling unit, cooling tower, heat exchanger, water pump, ice storage device and control system etc.

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A full storage system minimizes the cost of energy to run that system by entirely shutting off the chillers during peak load hours. The capital cost is higher, as such a system requires somewhat larger chillers than those from a partial storage system, and a larger ice storage system. Ice storage systems are inexpensive enough that full storage systems are often competitive with conventional air conditioning designs

The advantages of Ice storage air condition system compared to conventional air condition system are as below:

1)     Saving operation cost of the whole air condition system, benefit the owner

2)     Decrease the installed capacity of the whole air condition system, reduce the investment of electricity power equipment

3)     Provide lower temperature of water, to realize the large temperature difference water supply technology and low temperature wind supply technology

4)     For the application which has high safety requirement, the ice storage air condition can be the emergency cold resource, and when grid power off, only small needs from the self-owned power. It can only run ice-melting pump to provide cold to users.

5)     Reduce volume and installed power of refrigeration unit, pumps, cooling towers.

6)     Good dehumidification capability.

7)     Using latent heat, the storage capacity is large but occupy small space

8)     Fast cooling effect

Saving maintenance cost

Chemical Industry Plant

Air Conditioning Load Characteristics:

A system that operates on a 24-hour basis,  it is especially when chemical reaction occurs, during a short period of time,  a large cooling load is  needed, other time there is only 20% of peak load.


Cooling Load when chemical reaction occurs: 420-RT/Hr

Normal Cooling Load:80-RT/Hr

[Conventional Air Conditioner]

Ice water generating capacity : 420 RT

Power consumption of ice water units and ancillary equipment: 470 KW

[Ice Storage Air Conditioner]

Ice water generating capacity:80 RT/Hr(For Normal Cooling Load)

Ice storage unit capacity:20 RT

Tank capacity:350 RT-Hr

Power consumption of ice water units and ancillary equipment :127 KW(27%)

Operation mode:

When normal time, 80RT Ice Water Generater will supply cold, 20RT Ice Storage Unit will continuely run for 22hrs to storage 350RT-Hr cooling capacity. When chemical reaction occurs,  350RT storage and 80RT Ice Water Generater will work together to supply 350RT +80RT =430 RT –Hr cooling capacity.



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