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Next Generation Cooler provides the benefits of Evaporative & Dry Cooling in a single machine. The Sensible Heat from the high temperature fluid can be extracted Dry section and the Latent Heat can be extracted from the Wet Section below, resulting in High Efficiency and Energy Saving system.

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■ Saves 70% water, 25% less maintenance, 70% chemical saving.

■ Highly corrosion-resistant material and contemporary technology that requires only periodic inspection.

■ Combined parallel air and water paths reduces scale build up and ensure High system energy efficiency.

■ Easy access reduces maintenance and operating costs.



Material of Construction: Panels and Coil available in Galvanized, SS 304, SS 316, SS 316L.
Removable Panels (optional): To easily access the Coil and Internal components for cleaning.
Circulating Pump: Siemens /WEG Motor, Steady running, low noise, Large Capacity but low power.

Principle of Operation: The Hot process fluid enters the Dry coil in the top section and dissipates its sensible heat to the Ambient air. This pre-cooled fluid then enters the wet coil in the section below. The Induced Air and Spray water extracts the Sensible and Latent heat from the process fluid and dissipates to the atmosphere.

The cooled liquid then goes back to the process.

The Spray water gets collected in the integrated basin below, and then is recirculated with the help of pump back over the wet coil section, and the Hot Air is blown out vide Axial fans to the atmosphere.    


Power Chemical Industry
Mining Pharmaceutical
Data Centre Manufacturing

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